Mandeni – Civic Centre Extension

Mandeni, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa


Mandeni Municipality (MM) wished to extend the Civic Centre, Technical Services and Protection Services Buildings as well as upgrade and renovate the existing Council Chambers in accordance with their Municipal Buildings Master Plan and needed consultants to provide all professional services.

Additionally, temporary facilities were also required to be upgraded in order to relocate a section of their employees during the construction period.

The main site (Erf 1425 in Mandini) is located next to the main road with a single security controlled vehicular access gate located on Kingfisher Road. A separate pedestrian entrance is located on Matthews Road next to the eastern parking lot.

The plot consists of:

  • the main building
  • eight temporary buildings (park homes)
  • one guardhouse (at the entrance to the premises, has no boom/access controlled gates)
  • a pedestrian gate without security control, located along the eastern parking area
  • 63 parking bays
  • a clinic.


The works comprise:

  • the renovations of the existing reception area and council chambers
  • construction of a new office block (extended from the existing office block)
  • sundry external works, structural work, electrical, mechanical work and civil works at the Civic Centre.

Renovations and additions to the Technical Services Building, Protection Services Building and temporary leased office space also formed part of this project.

The works were divided and executed in the following packages:

Package A (Shopping Mall):

The renovation and tenant fit-out of the existing office facilities in a local shopping complex in order to relocate tenants of the current Civic Centre offices during the renovation and construction phases. Approximately 400 m².

Package B (Council Chambers):

The renovation and expansion of the existing Council Chambers in the Civic Centre. This package included the upgrading of the ablutions, and construction of a temporary reception in order to bring more cultural and hierarchical importance to the facility.

Package C (Civic Centre):

The construction of the main entrance and guard houses, main access route to the facility as well as the construction of new fences around and inside the property enhanced the access and security of the Civic Centre. The upgrading of the clinic entrance on the south-western side of the property also fell under this package.

Package D (Technical Services Building):

Alterations and renovations to the existing office building as well as alterations and additions to the external ablution facilities. This package included the new internal space planning of sections of the office building.

Package E (Protection Services Building):

This package included the total new internal space planning of the office building with general renovations and upgrades.

Package F (New extended council offices):

The extension to the Civic Centre entailed a new wing to the north-east of the existing building (attached to Package B). It was an addition to the existing Civic Centre building and consisted of undercover parking at basement level and offices on the ground floor level with a total floor area of 1 332 m².

CLIENT NAME: Mandeni Municipality

LOCATION: Mandeni, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa