Drieziek Taxi Facility

Drieziek, Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa


Over the years, the Department of Transport has constructed a number of mega taxi ranks in the City of Johannesburg to meet the needs of both commuters and public transport operators. Some of these include Bara, Faraday and Metro Mall taxi ranks.

However, the introduction of the Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system and Gautrain rapid transit railway system together with the changing needs of the city, commuters and public transport operators, made it necessary for the city to revise its strategies on the provision of public transport facilities.

During the 2010/2011 financial year, the Department of Transport embarked on an extensive stakeholder consultation process with the view of reviewing its strategies on the provision of public transport facilities. The process culminated in the finalisation of preliminary designs of a new model public transport facility to be rolled out throughout the city. From the stakeholder consultation process, it was clear that the city should move away from constructing mega transport facilities and instead focus on compact but easy to use facilities.

These facilities should be as follows:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Functional
  • Sustainable
  • Durable and include greening and landscaping
  • Easy to maintain
  • Address the changing needs of public transport in Johannesburg
  • Enhance the Rea Vaya brand
  • Be safe for commuters
  • Address the needs of people with disabilities, as well as women and children
  • Be cost effective to construct using labour-based methods as part of the Expanded Public Works Programme.


The public transport facility will be located in Drieziek, Orange Farm in the south of the City of Johannesburg and will link directly with the city’s strategic objectives.

The facility will be designed to cater for an estimated 100 taxis and the main features will include:

  • covered trading facilities and ancillary facilities
  • ablution facilities
  • bicycle racks
  • a clock tower
  • a refuse yard
  • soft and hard landscaping including street furniture
  • street and perimeter lighting within a suitable radius of the facility
  • a security office with a mini kitchen and a boardroom for meetings.

Through coordination with the civil engineers as well as retrieval of the zoning information, it was determined that the site that had been chosen has many constraints including an Eskom servitude running the length of the site.

Additionally, access to and from the site was severely restricted due to Gautrans standards. After exhausting the possible design solutions and configurations, it was determined that the site could not accommodate all the necessary facilities as well as provide adequate vehicular access.

Through consultations with the end users, a new site was chosen. Delta BEC began developing a new concept to suite the new site.

The concept was presented to the client whereafter additional stakeholder engagements took place. The concept was then revised accordingly and was approved by the client and stakeholders.

Construction is expected to be completed by 2019.

CLIENT NAME: Johannesburg Development Agency

LOCATION: Drieziek, Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa


START DATE: November 2015

END DATE: November 2018