BRT Stations

Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa


The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) is the managing agent responsible for the appointment of companies to construct the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system. Furthermore, the JDA fulfils an oversight role of the construction network roll-out on behalf of the City of Johannesburg.

In 2009, the JDA embarked on Phase 1A of the Rea Vaya BRT system, with one trunk route running from Soweto in the west through the CBD to Ellis Park in the east. The trunk route is complemented by feeder buses running an inner city route.

Phase 1B saw additional feeder buses being added, from Protea Glen to Thokoza Park, and from Eldorado Park to Lakeview.

Phase 1C covers 325 km of special lanes and intersections, forming part of Sections 8 and 15 of the BRT Station’s infrastructure (from Park Town to Sandton).


The JDA required a professional engineering consultancy to conduct the construction of ten stations. The work would include the retrofitting of five existing stations by reviewing prior station designs and incorporating improvements to specific components of the design.

According to the JDA, the original design of the station is based on an African Porcupine and their requirement is that this is to be maintained without negotiation; meaning that any refinements to the design were to maintain the look and feel of the prototype.

As per the JDA, the most prominent visual aspect of the Rea Vaya BRT is the eye-catching stations built of red steel tubing and curved glass panels. Non-negotiable features of the stations included universal access requirements (updated SANS guidelines) which were to be implemented in all respects.

All modifications and final designs required sign-off from the City of Johannesburg universal access consultant. Aspects of heritage sites along the route near the stations were to be incorporated into the station aesthetic where possible, and natural light and ventilation were to be maximised. Air conditioning had to be used in the lockable ticket booth area and finally, passenger comfort was a critical performance indicator for the design.

CLIENT NAME: Johannesburg Development Agency

LOCATION: Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa


START DATE: January 2014

END DATE: December 2016