Transnet Terminal Pier 2 Administration Building

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa


The Durban Container Terminal (DCT) Pier 2 is Transnet Port Terminals’ (TPT) premier terminal. The Administration Building is a six-storey, reinforced concrete structure that was built in 1977. It is well located within the terminal, and accommodates DCT’s management and supporting staff. Transnet initiated a project to upgrade this building into a world-class facility. Moreover, Transnet wished to ensure that this building is both aesthetically and functionally appealing.


Transet stipulated the following specific requirements:

Ground Floor

This floor caters for the claims and customer service departments, and other departments which deal with the general public. Security was emphasised and needed to be considered during the upgrade. There was also a need for a visitor induction room, and a reception area that creates a good first impression.

First Floor

This floor accommodates the Finance Department. This department needed a large volume of filing space, which was accommodated in the design.

Second Floor

The IT Department is accommodated on this floor as well as the server room. A security and access control system with biometric readers were required, and needed to be maintained post-upgrade.

Third Floor

It was a requirement for the terminal executive team and communications team to be housed on this floor. The storeroom facilities and space optimization were given special attention.

Fourth Floor

The operations, SHEQ, and security executive manager are housed on this floor. The main boardroom is also situated here, and the functionality of the floor needed to be maintained during the upgrade.

Fifth Floor

This floor caters for the planning team. It serves as the operations centre that controls all terminal operations. It was a special requirement that no disruptions be caused to the operations centre during the upgrade, including the communications system.

Sixth Floor

This floor is restricted to maintenance personnel as it houses the HVAC equipment for the entire building. Waterproofing was a major requirement during the upgrade, as well as general maintenance. The HVAC equipment needed to be assessed for functionality and potential upgrade.


LOCATION: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa


START DATE: May 2014

END DATE: September 2015