Lanseria Multistorey Car Park

Gauteng Province, South Africa

Lanseria International Airport is located in Gauteng Province, South Africa. This privately owned airport has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years, which led to the decision to expand the vehicle parking facilities to cater for the increased demand. Before the expansion of the vehicle parking facilities, the airport provided parking for approximately 2 200 vehicles. The intention was therefore to create a multistorey car park that would provide an additional 3 221 parking bays.

The parking structure is located in close proximity to the terminal building, with the centre of the parking structure aligned with the centre of the terminal building. An arcade fills the centre of the parking structure, allowing pedestrian flow through the arcade to the terminal building. The arcade has retail and car rental offices on the ground level and general offices on the first-floor level.

The multi-storey car park was designed to allow for even more growth and expansion of the structure in the future of the airport.

CLIENT NAME: Lanseria International Airport

LOCATION: Gauteng Province, South Africa


START DATE: November 2016

END DATE: November 2018